Member Portal for Iowa Masons (Grandview)

When making a donation please specify on Venmo which fund you would like to donate to.

Use your smart phone to scan the QR code below or find us directly on Venmo @MosaicLodge125

The dues for 2023 will be $77, however there was an increase of $15 for Grand Lodge dues that is not reflected in this price. The lodge is asking that you pay the amount of $92 to recover some of that margin.

If you are paying electronically through Venmo please be aware that Venmo does charge a small transaction fee so we ask those of you who pay via the Venmo platform please pay $93.88 to cover this fee.

If you are paying electronically through Paypal please be sure to select the “Add $3.24 to help cover the fees.” checkbox on the “Donate” link below.